It seems like I’ve reviewed a previous record by this band. Or perhaps it is just that I’ve seen the name before that they seem familiar to me. Whatever the reason is that the name seems familiar, all that doesn’t matter unless you get to hear the music. I wonder what the world would have been like had not Meshuggah existed. UNEVEN STRUCTURE take a side or two from the book of Meshuggah, add their own pages and we end up with an album called “8”. This is heavy. This is tricky. This is not for your average Linkin Park listener. I can’t help think this is what Treponem Pal would have sounded like had they come around today. And since I liked Treponem Pal’s weird and twisting Killing Joke-ish metal I find Uneven Structure to be fascinating. They really live up to their name. This is an uneven structure. Anders Ekdahl

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