I can’t say I have any greater connections to France than to any other country when it comes to metal but still I find it exciting (well I do so with most stuff I get) whenever a new album by a French band comes my way, be it black metal or more technical stuff like Uneven Structure. If the band name is anything to go by this might be up there with Treponem Pal in the weird department. Hopefully I’ll manage to decipher enough of it to fully appreciate it. There is something spacey about Uneven Structure’s prog/tech metal. It’s like you are floating in space listening to the album. With head phones this must be a trip like no trip before it. I like it. It kinda reminds me of old Sci-Fi movies where space was the last frontier. This is some pretty cool stuff and so much better than what I feared it would be. No Treponem Pal but equally as good/interesting. Just check it out. Anders Ekdahl

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