UNGRACE “Feed The Demons”

“Feed The Demons”
UNGRACE, disgrace, grace. I don’t know which word I like the better as part of a band’s name. Don’t even know if the first one is a real word. All I know is that it sounds kinda cool. There is an attitude to it that sets the tone for the whole album. There is a take no prisoners kind of feel to the name. And the music is no worse. From the start UNGRACE attack you with a frantic assault. It’s like they are trying to beat you to a pulp before the first song is over so that you are broken and receptive to the rest of the album. This is death metal that stops for no one. Look up because here it comes again. You better duck or you’ll be hit repeatedly. This turned out to be a really cool album. Much more enjoyable than I ever thought it would be. That is sounds like dozen of death metal albums I’ve already heard doesn’t really matter. Anders Ekdahl

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