UNHALE “Human Race”

“Human Race”
Unhale might not be the brightest of band names but who says that you gotta have a clever band name to be any good. What matters in the end is the music and if it’s any good or not. I admire bands that stick to their plan and don’t let trends and shot stand in their way. I get that kind of vibe from Unhale. That this could be the hardrock album I’ve waited to hear all year long. Or not. And not is what this is. Not the hardrock album I’ve waited for all year long. Not totally free from trends and outside influence. This is best described as metalcore. I’m not the biggest fan of the modern variant of metalcore but I gotta admit that Unhale are one of the better acts that I’ve heard. Perhaps because they are more death metal in attitude than anything else. A very positive surprise. Anders Ekdahl

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