UNHERZ “Die Wahrheit liegt dazwichen”

“Die Wahrheit liegt dazwischen”
That trends goes in cycles are nothing new. What once was regarded as over and done with comes back to haunt us again. I’m not saying that all hardrock of the 80s was bad. It was just some that were worse than other. Some were really good and has therefore stayed with me. Like this Belgian band Underdog that impressed me back in the 80s. Not that Unherz in any way sound like Underdog. I just came to think of them. Unherz are on their third album. They must have been a German secret because I haven’t heard of them or even heard their music until this third album dropped by. That they sing in German might have something to do with it. Not that it matters really. I love(d) Japanese hardrock/metal without understanding a single word. This is pretty much sing-along hardrock with an edge. Not as polished as I had thought it would be. I could see this working in a dark underground club as well as on a stage in full daylight. Anders Ekdahl

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