UNHOLD “Here Is The Blood”

“Here Is The Blood”
(Czar Of Crickets)

Battle Helm Rating

I like the stuff that the label this band is on releases. Well, for most of the time. But there is something to the stuff that the label releases that appeals to me. Had they not sent me the stuff they do send me I would not have actively sought it out. Simply because I would not have known of its existence. But now that I do get sent the stuff, I find myself liking most of it. How strange isn’t that. So I have great hopes that UNHOLD will appeal to me. Just to show my age, whenever I hear an album like this my mind immediately wanders to Fudge Tunnel. Do anybody remember them? They did some albums for Earache back in the 90s. UNHOLD are sludge/drone/stoner/atmospheric/post metal. This is the kind of modern metal that I like. It is heavy. It is full of despair and agony. It even has melodies (if you dig hard). This is some really cool stuff, if you like it heavy and drone-like. Anders Ekdahl

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