UNHOLY WAR “Heaven Will Burn”

“Heaven Will Burn”
(Terror Records)

Battle Helm Rating

With a name like UNHOLY WAR you gotta be shitting me if they don’t play full on attack black metal. I don’t want to hear any sort of break beats or slow parts of anything like that. I just want to be blown to total smithereens by this. I want to feel like a hurricane has just swept through my town and devasted everything in its way. Like Sodom’s “Burst Command Till War” turned up to 11. That is my expectation for this. I know that that is high standard to live up to but hey, why not set the bar high? And although it did start promising after the intro the break part did appear. But it wasn’t as bad as expected. This is still a full on attack that takes no prisoners and leave no one alive to tell about it. Good stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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