UNHOPED “Nuclear Death”

”Nuclear Death”
(Violent Journey)
The title alone made me think of an old US band that used to release records on The Wild Rag. I tried listening to that band back in the 80s/90s but I ended up getting rid of the records. Hopefully this Finnish band won’t leave me with that sort of impression. Thankfully this starts on a high note and just keep climbing. I get a Vio-lence kind of feeling when I listen to this album. You get the same sort of attack that you got from Vio-lence, especially on their first album. This is thrash the way it used to be played. Aggressively and with a frenecy not seen that often, back then or today. This made me think of acts like Nuclear Assault or Assassin. Great acts of the 80s whose albums still to this day are great pieces of thrash. Don’t know how long this will last but for now it is good enough to thrash to like a madman. Anders Ekdahl

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