Unisonic – “For The Kingdom”


Unisonic – “For The Kingdom” EP (earMUSIC)

Given the varied opinions on the last Gamma Ray album, Unisonic seem like a breath of fresh air in the delivering the goods on straight up hard rock European style! At the time of forming a highly awaited super group made up of ex Helloweeners Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen, along with Krokus’s Mandy Meyer and ex Pink Cream 69ers Dennis Ward and Kosta Zafiriou, these guys have gone from strength to strength especially live where their dish-it-out-to-the-crowd style goes down a treat to no nonsense festival crowds. Two years on from their debut comes a taster of the next opus, the title track of which immediately grabs my attention for its unexpectedly hard chugging guitars before the rest of the song morphs into a Gamma Ray like feel in its uplifting choruses and melodies. Next up is an EP exclusive ‘You Come Undone’, a punchy rocker made all the more harder thanks to the band’s tight delivery with only the additional keyboards of Gunter Werno adding some soothing relief over their steam. Best of all, and as if in salutation to their new found fans, are 4 exclusive live tracks taken from their 2012 Czech Masters Of Rock Festival appearance – which are worth buying the EP for just in themselves. Opening tongue in cheek with their ‘Ride Of The Valkyries’ intro they come crashing in with a crowd rousing ‘Unisonic’, followed by the GnR like ‘Star Rider’ showing some serious 80s stadium rock guitar work from Hansen and Meyer before closing with ‘Souls Alive’, a guitar driven epic blending 80s power metal with the commercial rock a la Scorpions – the roar of the crowd needs no further words! Throughout the entire EP, Michael Kiske’s voice is nothing short of superb in every aspect from range to pitch to clarity and he adds the final dimension to what must be the top up n coming hard rock act on the planet right now.

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