Unisonic – “Ignition”

Unisonic – “Ignition” EP (earMusic/Edel)

Unisonic is the rock band formed by ex Helloween vocalist Michael Kiske – and what a ripper it is too! Assembling a formidable crew in Pink Cream 69ers Dennis Ward and Kosta Zafiriou, ex Gotthard member Mandy Meyer and more recently, Kai Hansen, Kiske has spared us nothing! I guess the obvious expectation of Unisonic’s music would be that of Helloween part 2, not unreasonable given the live bonus track of ‘I Want Out’, where it’s good to hear Kiske’s vocals still bearing up to those soprano levels. However, for their own material, Unisonic have drawn from their collective experience where the title track opener is reminiscent of an upbeat ‘Coming Home’ from the Scorpions, whereas ‘My Sanctuary’ seems to be a slower, melodic rock version of Iron Maiden with lyrical references to ‘..running free..’ (well, Kiske was considered as Bruce’s replacement…Ed), and ‘Souls Alive’ is mid tempo melodic power metal with soft interludes that allows Kiske to demonstrate the soulful side of his vocal capability. All in all this is an impressive release befitting the pedigree of the musicians involved, so I hope it goes beyond ‘project’ status to becoming a full time band in its own right!

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