UNITED MIND CLUB “World Blood History”

“World Blood History”
(Metal Scrap Records)
There used to be a time when I thought that Megadeth was the greatest band ever. I listened to the first three albums over and over and never got tired of them. Then we all got older and I wandered elsewhere and Megadeth went their way. Still to this day I value those Megadeth albums high. Without them I wouldn’t be the man I am today. That United Mind Club should have that impact on me now, or any other band for that matter, is close to nil. Still, the first band that came to mind when I heard “World Blood History” was Megadeth. Mix them with a bit of Rammstein and some Rob Zombie/White Zombie and you get a pretty good picture of where to find United Mind Club. A mix that on paper might seem weird but in reality work very well. To me it is all about finding the right combination that works. United Mind Club seems to have done just that, found a mix that work. I like this medium tempo that they have going for them. Not too slow to lose my interest and not too fast to just end up with a lot of air and no substance. Anders Ekdahl

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