UNRAVEL ”Eras Of Forfeit”

”Eras Of Forfeit”
(Testimony Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I am split about what I think of grindcore. On one hand I kinda like the whole blast till death kinda thing. I love stuff like Terrorizer, Exit 13, Brutal Truth, Nasum and not to mention Napalm Death. On the other hand I sometime find it too chaotic and noisy. But I do like what I hear from Adelaide’s UNRAVEL. This is cool grindcore. But then again it isn’t pure grindcore as they mix it up with both death metal and hardcore. If that makes it cooler or not I’ll leave to you. I like what I hear and that is all that I really care about. I like the fact that this isn’t crystal clear. There is a dirty, sludgy feel to this that adds character. This turned out cool. Anders Ekdahl

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