Untervoid – “Untervoid”

Untervoid – “Untervoid” EP (Osmose Productions)

Battle Helm Rating

A grim duo if there ever was one, Untervoid is made up of A. (Armageddon, ex-Lost Soul, Azarath-live) on nuclear drums and Destroyer (Kriegsmaschine, ex-Hate) handling vocals, all strings and electronics. Taking stock from the plague of black / death sweeping their native Poland, Untervoid follow in similar style, while adding their own touch and sophistication to the 4 classy tracks making up this self titled debut EP. The musicianship here is truly impressive, with Destroyer’s own vocals being versatile and being able to skillfully shift from roars to animal shrieks to clean and also soulful styles. Equally, his guitar work has all the necessary ingredients of being perfect in its raw metallic tone while eliciting plenty of memorably dark riffs and all the while resonating plenty of power. It all adds to the foreboding atmosphere on the 4 meaty tracks here like the 8 minute ‘Inner Shrine’ with its flowing guitars contrasting vividly with dark choirs and the whirring death n roll deviation of ‘Radiant Divinity’ along with its technical drumming. Best of all was the crushing ‘Twilight’ that suavely brings together uncompromising heaviness with driving speed tempered with haunting pagan vocals and wonderous sliding metallic guitars that slither in a stomach churning fashion. Darkly visceral on the one hand while blissfully tranquil on the other, Untervoid have done an amazing job in fashioning their music, all of which uses different styles and sounds to maximum effect in creating their own stylish avant garde mix from which to be awed.

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