UNTIL DAWN “Horizon”

I gotta say that whenever I see the words modern and metal combined I get a feeling of wanting to turn around and run. Don’t know what it is about that combination of words that sit so uneasy with me. It’s not like I got a huge collection of modern metal bands that I don’t know what to do with. I guess modern is as useful as post is in describing the metal. I more often than not can’t deal with the soft melodic vocals contrasting a harsher metal sound that you get with bands like Disturbed or Deftones. There is something to it that doesn’t sit too well with my ears. But I think I’m coming round to it slowly but surely. Canadian UNTIL DAWN might not be either Disturbed or Deftones but there is that soft vocal approach to a harsher musical background (when the growls doesn’t kill us) kind of thing going on. And I gotta say that I find it working for me. This is perhaps what modern metal is all about? Perhaps I’m getting softer with age? All I know is that I like UNTIL DAWN. Anders Ekdahl

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