UNTIMELY DEMISE “Systematic Eradication”

“Systematic Eradication”
(Punishment 18)
A year ago I didn’t know that Punishment 18 existed. Now I know of them and the stuff they release. Up until I got to know about this label’s existence I didn’t come upon too many metal albums in the old early 90s thrash style but since I’ve discovered this label my life has been filled with numerous great thrash blasts. This one is no exception. If you like your thrash played the Kreator way circa “Terrible Certainty” this is the album for you to check out. It is pretty cool to hear this kind of stuff still being played today. Just goes to prove that great music never gets old. Old school doesn’t have to be a bad phrase. In the case of UNTIMELY DEMISE it is term of endearment. Anders Ekdahl

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