UNZUCHT “Rosenkreuzer”

“ Rosenkreuzer”
(NoCut Entertainment)
Don’t know anything about this one. Want to know all about this one. I kinda like band names that are in German. There is a rawness to just saying the name that kinda sets the scene for the music. If you are called UNZUCHT you can hardly play pop metal can you. This will be compared to Rammstein more than once and I can understand why. They sing in German, they have an industrial beat to their metal but this could also be compared to electro metal like Die Krupp and stuff like that. I gotta admit that I find this to be once hell of an album. I am a huge fan of Rammstein and I like the monotonous industrial beat that UNZUCHT got going for this album. I can’t put this one down. I want to blast this one as loud as possible. Cool stuff indeed. Anders Ekdahl

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