UPON WINGS “The Dream”

“The Dream”
I find it hard to review singles even if they come with two tracks but with this whole digital download thing we get singles that only contains one single track. How the hell am I supposed to do anything with that. OK. I can spin the track over and over again but that will not tell me anything about the band’s repertoire. Maybe they only have one good song and the rest is crap that nobody cares about. I’m not saying that Upon Wings are a crap band. It’s just a general feeling I have. This might not be that much metal upon first listening but you soon realize that this is as metal as much other goth metal is. OK, you might not hear too many guitars on this track but the whole aura around it is very metal, in an ambient way. I liked what I heard and wish to hear some more very soon because I think this could be some really cool stuff to fill a whole album with. Anders Ekdahl

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