USURPER “Lords Of The Permafrost”

“Lords Of The Permafrost”
(Soulseller Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I honestly thought that I owned everything that this band had released prior to this but it turned out that I only had their very first EP released on Necropolis Records. That is how present this band has been in my conscious that I think I have everything with them. This is pure joy to witness, a new album from this classic Chicago extreme metal band. To put USURPER in one single extreme metal genre is to confine them to a cage all too little for them. This is much more than cult. Something that you admire at a distant but not really have any sort of relation to. This is a band that I have a relation to and a band that I have always liked. This new album is no different. This is pure fucking joy listening to this. An album we didn’t know we missed but needed badly. Anders Ekdahl

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