UTBURD “The Horrors Untold”

“The Horrors Untold”
(Satanath Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I am one of those kinda guys that really, really like atmospheric black metal. the more melancholic the better. I cannot get enough of the really great ones in this genre. And I am always on the look out for something new. So when this one from UTBURD came my way I had high hopes for this one. As for the band name UTBURD. I don’t know how common this myth is in Russia but in Swedish folklore Utburd are the spirits of dead children that lurks in the forests, haunting lone wanderer wanting to be carried. In my book a perfect band name and a perfect myth for a black metal band. This isn’t the greatest atmospheric black metal I have heard but it is still good enough to warrant my liking. Anders Ekdahl

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