UTMARKEN ”Förfallstid”


Battle Helm Rating

There is something very northern Sweden about this band’s name. It would not have been that well suited had it been a band from the south part of Sweden simply because the myth tells of strong silent men from the north. Not big and loud men from the south. And somehow I feel that the music will also be connected to the strong and silent myth. I am not expecting this new UTMARKEN album to suddenly turn all agro Pantera on me. This has more the makings of introvert blackish folk metal all over it. And it is introvert. There is something special to folk metal sung in Swedish. Especially if the band comes from Norrland. Because that to me is what folk music is all about. The harsh cold lonely environment where the winter is long and dark but oh so beautiful. The use of Nyckelharpa (keyed fiddle) might not be the most metal of instruments but it does suit the vibe of UTMARKEN. This is epic and grand yet very much metal. If you like your metal doomy and epic with a strong touch of folk this is the album for you. There is also the ghost of Bathory watching over this album and that to me makes it even more interesting. A really cool album. Anders Ekdahl

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