UTOPIUM “Vicious Consolation/Virtuous Totality

(Bleak Recordings)
UTOPIUM has one of the greatest names that I’ve come upon in quite a while. The idea of Utopia can act as opium for the people. A drug to numb your pain living in a miserable place dreaming of Nirvana. I gotta admit that I’m not a big fan of Relapse Records, or more correctly; I have not paid too much attention to the stuff that Relapse releases. Portugal’s UTOPIUM are what I would describe as grind. It is noisy and it has that feel of not being held together by the most potent adhesive. I never really cared too much for early Napalm Death. I like one side of the “Scum” album but that is pretty much it. I tried bands like Exit13 and the likes in the 80s but they never really stuck. I get that same feeling listening to this. It doesn’t really stick. In small doses I get it but over an album, not so much. Anders Ekdahl

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