V/A ”Brown Acid 6th Trip”

”Brown Acid 6th Trip”
(Riding Easy Records)

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I don’t really like compilations. I don’t really know why but I don’t. But there are exceptions. I do like when a compilation is really thought out and done with the labour of love. Those are the ones to treasure. Like the “Brown Acid” series. This is one hell of a labour of love. Just tracking down all these hidden and forgotten gems must be a hell of a job. But then we get to enjoy songs from way back. And I really mean gems because on this compilation there are no fillers. I am firm in my belief that music cannot get old. And this is proof of that. Sure, the sound is of that time but the music in itself still rocks like it was today. And this is what I love about music. How you can come together over a sound and enjoy it together, old, young, ageless. Anders Ekdahl
Track list:
01. Gold “No Parking”
02. Heat Exchange “Inferno”
03. Travis “Lovin’ You”
04. Enoch Smoky “It’s Cruel”
05. Backwood Memory “Give Me Time”
06. Flight “Luvin, Huggin & More”
07. Truth & Janey “Midnight Horsemen”
08. West Minst’r “My Life”
09. Purgatory “Polar Expedition”
10. Johnny Barnes “Steele Rail Blues”
11. Zendik “Is There No Peace?”

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