V/A “Psychfest Vol 1” “Psychfest Vol 2”

“Psychfest Vol 1”
“Psychfest Vol 2”
([Addicted Label])

Battle Helm Rating

I have my pet peeves and compilation albums are one of them. If I don’t get them sent I don’t buy them. Not even as a kid did I do mixed tapes like everybody else were doing. I stuck to full albums. And that is still how I feel in this age of digital streaming. I want my albums. I am not interested in single songs. But enough of me ranting. I have no idea what these two volumes will offer me in terms of bands to check out further. That will have to come as I listen to them. And as I listen I realize that this was not what I expected from the titles of these compilations. For some reason I thought that this was gonna be full of bands that played music similar to Monster Magnet and those kinda bands but I was wrong. To be honest I have no idea really what to make of this. but one thing I do know is that there are bands on these two compilations that I will keep checking out. Anders Ekdahl

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