V/A “Terror Tales – A Tribute To Death SS”

“Terror Tales – A Tribute To Death SS”
(Black Widow Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I feel like I am one of very few that haven’t really paid DEATH SS that much attention. I don’t think I have heard a single Death SS album. let alone a single track. Yet here I sit with a tribute album to one of the most important Italian horror rock bands. I have no idea if this is a good or a bad idea to start my deeper acquaintance with the band this way but hey; why do it the easy way. Judging by the artist on this tribute you really get an idea of how influential this band was to several generations of metalheads. This is truly one of a kind band. which is why you get every sort of band from blackest black metal to the most powerful of power metal bands and everything in between doing their things with the songs of DEATH SS. This is one hell of a tribute album and one that everybody should own, whether you are new to the band like me or if you are a long time fan. A band as important as this should never be forgotten and that is what this tribute shows. One of a kind bands are to be treasured forever. Anders Ekdahl

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