V8 Wankers – “Got Beer?”

V8 Wankers – “Got Beer?” (Steamhammer / SPV)

‘..all hail Oktoberfest!!!…’ – fuck yeah, I couldn’t think of a more perfect band to play at Germany’s beer mecca than these homegrown kick ass speed rockers who more than like a brew ha ha! Since we last heard from them the V8s have had some line-up reshuffles but this group lives by their motto: once a Wanker, always a Wanker lol! Still led by the brewed n tattooed Lutz Vegas on vocals, the V8’s live n die rock n roll, mixing Motorhead, The Meteors and in no small part Rose Tattoo both in terms of image and on fast n loose guitar n slide work on songs like ‘Why Lie I Want A Beer’, ‘All Goes Down The Drain’ and ‘Yeah She’s A Bitch’. Compared to it’s predecessor “Iron Crossroads”, this album is far less poppier but if you like your music to match in equal measure your love of fast women, fast cars and fast beer then look no further than these gutter rockers.

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