V/A “Swedish Hitz Goes Metal”

“Swedish Hitz Goes Metal”
I’m pretty biased against this album even before I’ve heard a note. Who the hell thinks it is a good idea to make metal version out of songs by Roxette, Lisa Miskovsky and Ace Of Base? I can understand if they want to make ABBA sound metal because they at least had the melodies to carry their tunes. If those behind this album had done “Arrival” or any other ABBA album in full I would have understood it. Now I’m just gaping in awe over this idea for an album. And I’m just as gobsmacked after having heard the whole album. Is this for real? It doesn’t get better after having seen them on Swedish TV. Like I said, the ABBA songs are decent enough to listen too but the rest I’m not too sure about. A song like “The Winner Takes It All” has a Queen quality to it done the metal way. There must have been better candidates if they wanted to turn Swedish hits into metal. Anders Ekdahl

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