V/A “A Tribute o Possessed – Seven Burning Churches”

“A Tribute o Possessed – Seven Burning Churches”
(More Hate)

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I know that my dear partner Shan already has reviewed this one but since Possessed’s “Seven Churches” is my all time fave extreme metal album I too wanted a go at this tribute. I hold that debut album as the most brutal metal record to ever having been done. You could argue that there has been records more brutal since then released. When you listen to the bands on this tribute you realize just how brutal the songs are, from opening track “The Exorcist” to the closing track “Death Metal”. A song that became the declaration for a whole genre. That this LP still lives on in the shape of this tribute is a testimony to how important it was and is but most of all this is the testimony of one of the greatest albums in the world. Anders Ekdahl

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