V/A “A Tribute To EXCITER – Pounding Metal”

“A Tribute To EXCITER – Pounding Metal”
(Skol Records)

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There used to be a time when I basically listened to nothing but EXCITER’s second and third albums. They were some of the coolest metal back in the 80s. I had basically not heard anything like that before. They were like the perfect mix of traditional heavy metal mixed with the mew thing called thrash. This was way before anybody thought of terms like power metal or anything like that. So when I saw that there was a tribute album to this EPIC band I knew I had to hear it. Nobody will ever get close to the originals but it will be nice to hear other artists take on some of my fave metal of all time. On this tribute you get 12 versions of EXCITER classics. I am not the greatest cover fan because it is hard for any band to match the originals but with songs from classic albums like “Heavy Metal Maniac”, “Power And Violence” and “Long Live The Loud” you gotta be really crap to fail. And I can’t really hear any band that has failed even the slightest in capturing the raw energy of the originals. As always you have your own fave songs you’d liked to see covered but the song collection is still good enough to keep me happy. A cool tribute album. Anders Ekdahl

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