V/A ”British Steel”

”British Steel”
(Dissonance Records)

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Once upon a time the British steel industry was one of the greatest. And England was a place to be reckoned with. Then came the 80s and a major downsizing in both coal and steel and with that a different society. And the England we today know was born. But in that era of downsizing rose a music style that still to this day lives on.
Then it all went pear shaped and the rest of the world surpassed the UK in creating great metal. Band’s have tried but they have failed to match the rest of the European metal community (I know it can be argued) but now Dissonance Records are flying the banner for new British metal high with this compilation showing that there is still life in the British metal scene. This compilation show cases 11 “new” British bands that are destined to be the future of British steel. What struck me the first time I listened to this was how old school most of the band sounds. I was kinda expecting something a bit more modern sounding like we hear in the rest of Europe but this is almost like a compilation from the 80s. And as cool as the music is it makes me wonder if this is the future of British heavy metal. But hey it is cool to see that the scene is alive and well. I got a couple of fave bands on this like DARK FOREST’s power-ish metal and SEVEN SISTERS homage to NWOBHM as well as NEURONSPOILER. I also got an ear for VUIL and INSURGENCY. Anders Ekdahl
Track list:
Amulet ”Highwayman”
Aggressive Perfector “Harlot’s Spell”
Eliminator ”Lost To The Void”
Dungeon ”Queen Of Sin”
Dark Forest “Where The Arrow Falls”
Toledo Steel “Rock Nights”
Vuil “Iron Witch”
Seven Sisters “The Witch’s Eye”
Insurgency ”Destined For Death”
Neuronspoiler “Slay The Beast”
Wytch Hazel “Freedom Battle

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