VA “Electric Funeral Cafe vol.3” (Robust Fellow) [yasr_overall_rating]

“Electric Funeral Cafe vol.3”
(Robust Fellow)

Battle Helm Rating

The idea of a hell of a lot of bands I’ve never ever heard of spread out over 3 CDs kinda scare me at first. How the hell should I tackle that many new bands? But as always things tend to work itself out. Listening to this I realize that I will have a hell of a time checking out the bands deeper than what this compilation allows me. Of the 41 bands from 9 countries on this comp I only knew of one. Not the greatest percentage. But this is a hell of a way to discover new bands. And with all the bands moving in the circles of doom, drone, sludge, stoner this is also a hell of a way to check out what those different genres has to offer. As always with comps like this you end up wanting to know more and so you end up with even more new faves than before. But that is what is so fun with music. The more you dig the more you find bands that you have never heard of. This comp is like a gate opener for me. This will have me digging for a long time. So if you don’t hear from me for a while you know why. Anders Ekdahl

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