V/A ”Russian Death Metal Vol 3”

”Russian Death Metal Vol 3”
(Darknagar Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Compilation records are both easy and hard to handle. Easy because you get served a hell of a lot of different bands on one disc. Hard because you gotta remember who’s who. But as an introduction into new bands you might not ever get to hear of any other way a compilation serves its purpose. This disc features 18 bands that are all new to me. And since death metal isn’t a homogenous genre you get a wide variety of styles too. I don’t know if there are any specific trends in Russian death metal and I can’t really tell from this comp but you get everything from brutal Incantation-esque death to the more symphonic to the more melodic to the overly technical. I won’t pick any fave bands as I celebrate all bands effort. This is a compilation worth tracking down. Anders Ekdahl

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