V/A ”Russian Death Metal Vol4!”

”Russian Death Metal Vol4!”
(Darknagar Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I have an ambivalent feel towards compilation albums. I love discovering new bands but I have a bloody hard time remembering which band is which on a comp. But I had such a cool time with the previous RUSSIAN DEATH METAL comp that I gladly dive head first into this one too. And it is so bloody cool to get to know new death metal bands. And even though death metal is all over the place there are bound to be some new faves among the 18 featured bands on this compilation. It did start on a high note with KRAWORATH. And it followed with AUTUMN AURORA with their Opeth-like death metal. And that was just 2 outta 18 bands. I think you get the general idea that this compilation has given me many new bands to check out. Anders Ekdahl

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