VADIKAN “Hydragyrum”

It might seem boring or that I’m one track minded but ever since I got to know about Iron Maiden and Saxon I’ve been more interested in finding the next big thrill that to stay with one or two bands for the rest of my life. Hence my love for discovering bands like VADIKAN. Not speaking a single word Russian I have no idea what this band is singing about but I do like the ring to it. There is something beautiful (that word again) to the Russian language when it is not screamed at you by the police of military. Musically this could be labelled goth metal if you think wide and not limit yourself to one or two bands. If you do so you will find that this is a more than decent album by a band that deserves your attention. So stop reading and go and check out bands that you wouldn’t normally get to hear about. Anders Ekdahl

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