Vain – “Enough Rope”

“Enough Rope”
(Jackie Rainbow Records)

WTF?! This was like being flashed back to 80s LA when GnR were pounding out “Appetite..” – totally amazing man!! Vain have been kicking their street glam rock around since the mid 80s but being located in the thrash metal capital of San Francisco’s Bay Area, I suspect they may have been overshadowed by the likes of Metallica or Machine Head. Still, Davy Vain’s perseverance has payed off in bunches on this album cos it fires from all cylinders! Mebbe not as cocksure as Axl & co were back then, instead he has confidently taken the heaviness of his Bay Area environs to produce 11 kick ass rockers like ‘Triple X’, ‘Cindy’ and ‘Stray Kitten’ – oh yeah baby, Davy knows where it’s at from ball crusher riffs to sleezy vocals right down to that Slash wailing geetar. Man, he even has Steven Adler guesting on a coupla tracks! I sure hope the world gives Vain enough rope this time round, cos we all damn well deserve to be lynched for having missed out on such a good band for so long.

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