VALFREYA “Path To Eternity”

“Path To Eternity”
(Maple Metal Records)
I’ve lately overdosed on Canadian metal. Don’t know why but I have so far not come across one band that sucks totally. Valfreya might have taken their name from the Nordic mythology and yes, they are a folk metal band pretty much like any of the Finnish bands you can name but that shouldn’t put you off. I tell you that this well worth investing your time and money into. Once they get starting you better check so that your intestines are in their right place because this is such a punch to the stomach that you’ll not only lose your breath. So come and join Valfreya on their path to eternity. Come join Valfreya on the journey to the halls of the great Gods. Let yourself be fully enfolded in an universe far from the mortal realm. Anders Ekdahl

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