VALIDOR “Dawn Of The Avenger”

“Dawn Of The Avenger”
(Iron On Iron)
Just by looking at the cover to this album I got my hopes up that this will be somewhat along the lines of good old Swedish heavy metal heroes Heavy Load. I could do with some really classic heavy metal. But if it is not that then I just hope that Validor come close to Manowar. As long as it is some sort of chest beating heavy metal I’ll be satisfied. I’m glad to inform you that this at least met one of my expectations. This is closer to Manowar than to Heavy Load. I like it. There is something to heavy metal that seems larger than life itself. This is the stomping-your-feet kind of metal that should be played loud, at least at 11. This is the kind of metal that shatters glasses and make your ears bleed. This is my kind of metal. Anders Ekdahl

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