Valient Thorr – “Old Salt”


Valient Thorr – “Old Salt” (Napalm Records)

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Definitely one of the weirder bands out there – and I mean really out of it musically – Valient Thorr are apparently Venusians who crash landed on earth at the turn of the century and decided to stay heh heh! Well no shit, when you’ve toured with the likes of Motorhead, Joan Jett, Mastodon, Fu Manchu and Clutch that’s gotta be a pretty powerful persuader huh? But on a more serious note, these guys have released six albums and played something in the region of 1,500 shows including Download in the UK, Sonisphere in Spain, Hellfest in France, Graspop in Belgium, and Roskilde in Denmark just to name a few, earning themselves a legion of fans known as ‘Thorriors’! A hard rock n roll band eclectically mixing in stoner, metal, punk and psych as and when it suits them, its that quirkiness both in the band and their music that undoubtedly makes them different. “Old Salt” takes us back to their early sound of Valient Himself’s hardcore like vocals mixed in with garage rock n roll, along with a Southern groove Thorr style! Of the heavier numbers I’d definitely recommend ‘Looking Glass’ with its almost 70s Kiss harmony chorus and hard rock riffs, or the awesome ‘Spellbroke’ with its chopping guitars and off the wall jazz fusion guitar soloing from Eidan and Deimos Thorr, while the heaviest track had to be ‘The Shroud’ with its heavy metal warbling and Thin Lizzy hard rock riffs mixed in with neo classical soloing! Valient Thorr is far out man, waaaaaaaay out there like Venus…..!

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