VALLORCH “Neverfade”

I am not a bit fan of images but I would be lying if I said that I don’t find a certain charm in seeing bands dress up in costumes for photo shots. There is something cool to bands that take it one step further. VALLORCH might look like the long lost cousins to the Finnish war metal bands but as with anything no single culture has the definitive right to a look. I don’t know what ii is about the Celts that is so fascinating or where the fascination comes from (Asterix & Obelix perhaps?) but whenever I hear any traces of what could be Celtic music (be it Within Temptation or Skyclad or Thin Lizzy) I instantly like it. Which is why I had high hopes on this band just from seeing the promo shots. And they didn’t disappoint me musically either. So if you like your metal with a kind of war anthemic touch to it you should check out this band. I promise you that you won’t be too disappointed. Anders Ekdahl

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