Van Canto – “Break The Silence”

Van Canto
“Break The Silence”
(Napalm Records)

Indeed – how can one ignore this unique sextet who amazingly use their voices to deliver the sounds of guitars, bass and keyboards! Beginning five years ago, “Hero Metal A Cappella“ was born, as well as the battle cry “Rakkatakka Motherfucker“, which turned into a catch phrase among open-minded metal and music fans around the world. Since then Van Canto have been anything but silent by touring constantly – their Wacken show going out to some 20 million YouTube viewers – and having seen them at a bursting to the seams show at RockTower, I can vouch for their performance cos it’s having 5 frontmen in your face! Musically, Van Canto play (or mebbe I should say sing!) a brand of epic metal, passionate and rousing listening to the likes of ‘Black Winds Of Hate’, where Inga’s wailing femme vox offer an excellent contrast to her male counterparts. Although still in the learning on their own material, Van Canto always offer superior covers and on this 4th album, they offer nothing less than an excellent war drum version of Sabaton’s ‘Primo Victoria’ featuring Sabbaton frontman Joakim Broden, a sexy rock out version of Alice Cooper’s ‘Bed of Nails’, and a deeply emotional ‘Master of the Wind’ by Manowar no less. Definitely worth a look live, this latest opus is sure to garner them even more exposure worldwide!

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