Vandenberg’s MoonKings – “MoonKings”


Vandenberg’s MoonKings – “MoonKings” (Mascot Records)

Multi-talented Adrian van den Berg has been a well known name from his solo namesake band in the 80s to later joining Whitesnake for the best part of a decade. After Whitesnake, Vandenberg played in a ‘supergroup’ comprised of veterans bassist Rudy Sarzo and drummer Tommy Aldridge, only to split for yet another Whitesnake reunion tour in 1994 but not before establishing his name as one of the most renowned rock guitarists in the world! Since then aside from guest appearances he has concentrated on his other talent as a successful painter, having produced the artwork for all his albums, including this one. Vandenberg’s MoonKings returns Adje back to the music world in fine style – he clearly hasn’t lost any of his talent – building his new band outta fresh blood drawn from the upcoming talent pool of Holland. Musically, it doesn’t disappoint, especially in Jan Hoving’s soulfully dextrous vocals aimed at the top of the rock stratosphere from the perfect Whitesnake meets Zepp opener of ‘Lust And Lies’ to the passionate Tyketto acoustic rock of ‘One Step Behind’ to the Glenn Hughes funky riffola of ‘Leeches’, complete with some cool bass slapping from Sem Christoffel. With his relationship to Whitesnake still strong, none other than Dave Coverdale provides guest vocals on the closing ballad of ‘Sailing Ships’, complete with some beautiful orchestral backing to complete this superior rock album. With no frills, flamboyance or fancying around, the time has come for the world to once again hear the name of Vandenberg loud!

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