Vanderbuyst – “Flying Dutchmen”

Vanderbuyst – “Flying Dutchmen” (Van Records)

More smoother than a spliff of ‘Jock Horror’ in an Amsterdam ‘coffee’ shop, Vanderbuyst are without doubt the Dutch hard rock kings! Taking inspiration from 70s hard rockers like UFO, Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake, these 3 Dutchies add their own paffy style and Amstel groove to rockin songs like ‘Give Me One More Shot’, ‘In Dutch’, and ‘Frivolous Franny’. Sticking to the basics i.e. untempered rock vocals, cheeky warbling guitars, punchy school of rock rhythms and ‘Kathmandu’ solos, Vanderbuyst offer an unpretentious sound that can be counted on in today’s dodgy, uncertain times – 200 shows in 16 countries in the last coupla years can’t be wrong for Holland’s best export!

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