VANHÄVD ”Låt Köttet Dö”

”Låt Köttet Dö”

Battle Helm Rating

This is as far as I tell VANHÄVD’s debut EP. As a word buff I gotta say that I like the use of old Swedish words as band names. Even though it at times can be too much, especially when you look up the original meaning of the word. But that is another story. This is doom metal, or as I would like to call it, death doom metal. What I like about this is the mix of the doomier parts with a really heavy death-ish sound as well as with black-ish parts. Add to that the usual melancholy and you got an EP full of cool doom metal. This one turned out to be a real gem of a release. A band to keep your ears out for in the future. Anders Ekdahl

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