Vanik – “Vanik”

Vanik – “Vanik” (Van Records)

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Mixing Motörhead rock n roll with thrash and Misfits inspired horror punk, Vanik is the namesake of guitarist / vocalist Shaun Vanek, already famed for strumming his axe in Midnight, Vandallus, Whitespade, Eternal Legacy, Breaker, Manimals and Sixx! Clearly spending too much time barking at the moon, Vanek has enlisted the help of demolition veterans Al Biddle (ex-Toxic Holocaust, Cauldron, Rammer, Chainbreaker) on drums and bassist Ed Stephans (Gluttons, Ringworm, Shock Paris) to live record this collection of old and new demos over the course of one rocking weekend – and man, it’s wild! This self titled debut realizes Vanek’s own desire to front his own band, as well as release all his alter egos and and on this punk metal rock n roll slay ride, he pretty much does so with plenty of gusto. From the clamoring, Venom like ‘Blood Sucking Lust’ to the relentless speed trip of ‘Eat You Alive’ to the punk a roller mosh of ‘The Blackest Eyes’ this 9 tracker will give you plenty of inspiration to party (or demolish) to excess in tune to Vanek’s wailing shredding guitar – not to mention his voice that seems to follow suite along with Tom G Warrior like death drawls chucked in for good measure. If this is what you seek, then you’ve definitely come to the right place…!

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