VANIR “Onwards To Battle”

“Onwards Into Battle”
(Mighty Music)
As chair is a chair is a chair no matter what you call it. You can call your metal Viking, pagan, heathen, folk but to me it still ends up sounding like black metal with the added instrument here and there. Danish Vanir have that whole Viking metal aura to them. They at least dress the part. If the music matches the clothes this might very well be as close to Valhalla as you’ll ever get. If you like Amon Amarth on the death metal side of Viking metal then you’ll find this as entertaining on the black metal side of things. There is an epic into battle side to the music that tell tales of brave men going into war. How historical correct that is is not up to me to decide. I only care for if the music moves me. And this does just that. There is a charm to this that is hard to resist. So if you like bands like Arkona, Einherjer or Folkearth you might as well like this. I know that I do. Anders Ekdahl

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