Vanishing Point – “Distant Is The Sun”


Vanishing Point – “Distant Is The Sun” (AFM Records)

It’s been seven long years since we heard from this promising symphonic metal band from Australia who at one stage were in danger of living up their name by disappearing from major reshuffles in the ranks leaving only long time members Silvio Massaro (vocals) and Chris Porcianko (guitars). Still, no matter as they have returned with a vengeance on this stupendous album! With heaps of incredible melodies oozing from every pore of the band there are times when they sound almost AOR like such as on ‘Let The River Run’ which reminded me of Heart what with its romantic piano and flowing harmonies, or ‘Denied Deliverance’ where Bon Jovi sprang to mind. Massaro has an incredible voice but it’s his passion, along Porcianko’s guitar that are almost pining me to cry along with those gentle keyboards – simply amazing! With more power coming in on the proggy ‘Era Zero’ and some serious power metal on ‘Circle Of Fire’ featuring Sonata Arctica’s Tony Kakko, Vanishing Point show their pedigree that has seen them put out four prior albums since their inception in the late 90s. Clearly massive in Australia – and for good reason – I’m sure that most people are glad that this hugely talented band didn’t call it a day, but rather rose from the ashes to regain their place as Australia’s premier melodic metal outfit, and undoubtedly expand their international reputation.

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