Vanishing Point – “Tangled In Dream (Special Edition)”

Vanishing Point – “Tangled In Dream (Special Edition)” 2CD (AFM Records)

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Despite their name, Aussie band Vanishing Point refuse to go away and its easy to see why on this stellar re-release! Going back to the early 90s, these guys made more than an impression with “Tangled In Dream” at the turn of the century. Since out of print, the demand for this cult album has been unwavering and also holds a special place in the hearts of vocalist Silvio Massaro and guitarist Chris Porcianko – last remaining members of the original recording line up – hence this special edition re-release. What’s ‘special’ about this isn’t just that it’s now available and also in a digital format, but the bonus 10 track CD made up of rare and unreleased material! There’s a new recording of ‘Samsara’, with different arrangements and enhanced orchestrals more reflective of the band’s current symphonic approach contrasted with the original sound which was heavily prog based. The band offer covers of Journey’s ‘Separate Ways’ and Pink Floyd’s ‘On Turning Away’, which was a bonus track on the original Aussie release of the album. In the same vein, there are 2 Jap only bonus releases in ‘The Endless Road’ (from the band’s last release “Distant Is The Sun” in 2014) and ‘Veil Of Deceit’ (from “The Fourth Season” in 2007). Lastly, there are 5 live tracks from a 2003 PBS FM recording covering tracks mainly from the band’s first 2 albums, including ‘Inner Peace’, all of which go a long way to proving why this is such a special band to so many, and whose amazing songs remain unforgotten even after so long.

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