VANORA “Monumentum”

(Crime Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I don’t know what it is with the Norwegians but they are and have been for a bloody long time good at doing prog metal. Is it the cold Nordic Sea breeze that makes the hurl up in the rehearsal room creating totally off the wall metal? It is so bad that I at times have been jealous of all the great metal bands that the Norwegians have spat out. VANORA is my latest encounter with a Norwegian band that is progressive. This is the kind of metal that I have a bit of a struggle placing. Is it death metal, thrash metal, djent, prog metal? I honestly don’t know. And boy do I feel old when I try figuring it out. But amidst all this sorting chaos I find myself enjoying it. There is a flow to it that makes it easy to get hooked. And that to me is much more important than trying to place it in a box. This is just another good Norwegian metal record, plain and simple. Anders Ekdahl

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