VARDAN ”Nostalgia – Archive Of Failures Part I – III”

”Nostalgia – Archive Of Failures Part I – III”

Battle Helm Rating

I’ve looked through the extensive discography of VARDAN and I cannot seem to find one single release that I recognize so I guess this is my first encounter with the Sicilian one man black metal troupe. But looking through the Battle Helm archive I found a review I did for the 2013 release “Dreaming… Living My Funeral”. Many black metal releases has passed under the bridge since then so forgive me for not remembering having heard VARDAN before this release. This is a three part collection of songs. It might seem like commercial suicide to release something like this but if you can why not do so. Musically this hasn’t changed that much apparently from 2013. It is still primitive dsbm. There is nothing uplifting about this apart from the fact that it is dsbm. As somebody that actually like the melancholy in music this is an real treat. Anders Ekdahl

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