VARGSHEIM “Erleuchtung”

I’ll admit it. I didn’t get this whole mix of metal and rock’n’roll we saw years ago. I thought it was crap for most of the time. A bad attempt at creating a new trend. I have no idea how mixing folk metal and rock’n’roll will work but I fear the worst kind of stomping your feet and swinging your hips kind of stuff. But I could be wrong like Cinderella not going to the party. I have nothing against bands that experiment with its sound. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t. I’m not sure what I feel about VARGSHEIM’s sound. This going from soft to hard and back to soft. I feel that I need some time getting accustomed to it before I totally write this of as crappish. Having sat through the whole album I can honestly say that I can enjoy it for what it is. It wasn’t as bad as I thought at first. Give it some time and I’m sure that I will fully get it. Anders Ekdahl

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