Various Artists – “Black Waves of Adrenochrome – The Sisters of Mercy Tribute”

Various Artists – “Black Waves of Adrenochrome – The Sisters of Mercy Tribute” (Metalville)
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It’s amazing the number of bands that Andrew Eldritch and The Sisters of Mercy have influenced over the decades, so in a fitting tribute comes this 14-track cover compilation from the likes of Paradise Lost, Crematory, Cradle Of Filth and Kreator – to name but a few! Containing rare and sought-after versions of some of the best-known Sisters classics in a new guise, “Black Waves of Adrenochrome – The Sisters of Mercy Tribute” opens to the dark charms of ‘Heartland’ as covered by Slovakian goth doomsters Frown, with Chemik’s stylish darkwave electronica embracing Marián Dráč’s even smoother baritone croons on a truly suave version of the 1982 original taken from The Sisters “Temple Of Love” EP. Hammering in with heavy raw guitars on their cover of ‘More’, Atrocity still do a great job of keeping to the original from 1990’s “Vision Thing” as Alexander Krull’s gruff vocals and creepy keys are slickly complemented by some female background vocals while not losing sight of the goth dance beat. In fact, this Sisters favourite is also brilliantly covered by Hungarian goth doomsters Nevergreen, who don’t hold back whatsoever in their vampiric rendition through Slobodan Macura’s morbid drawls and lycanthropic growls, Matláry Miklós’ deep and dramatic piano and full on female soprano wails – wow! Heralded through heavenly church choirs, ‘This Corrosion’ explodes through an energised hard rock groove of driving bass, crunching riffs and crooning melodies courtesy of Maryslim from Sweden while featuring the unmistakeably deep croons of Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes from Finland, here guesting on this Sisters classic from 1987’s “Floodland”. Closing off this extraordinary tribute to one of the greatest bands of gothic rock is Columbia Obstruction Box’s homage in ‘Marian’, along with its deep, droning baritones almost taking hypnotic effect and completed by some psych goth guitar work lending credibility to this cover taken from The Sisters unforgettable mid 80s debut “First and Last and Always” as indeed Andrew, you always will be in my still black heart.
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